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Visit: Cannabis Conferences

No matter where you are in your cannabis journey, learning about new trends and research is always exciting. There are several trusted resources online, but nothing beats going directly to the source.

Cannabis-based conferences are blooming nationwide. From investment opportunities, to exploring the medical and recreational sides of cannabis, there is something for all canna-curious minds.

The experts at Elevations Nation have a collective background of over 30 years in the cannabis industry, and offer you the following roundup of go-to conferences for making new connections and discoveries:

  • Hall of Flowers

    • Hall of Flowers is an industry-only expo that takes place in Palm Springs, Toronto, and Santa Rosa. More than your typical B2B show, Hall of Flowers is an elevated, unique cannabis experience.

    • Upcoming events:

      • Toronto, ON: September 2022

      • Santa Rosa, CA: October 2022

      • Palm Springs, CA: 2023 (date unannounced)

  • G4 Live

    • Home to the famous Budtender Award show, G4 Live is a one-of-a-kind experience near the Vegas strip featuring some of the top brands in the industry.

    • Upcoming events:

      • Las Vegas, NV: 2023 (date unannounced)

  • MJBizCon

    • Located in Vegas, the MJBizCon features over 140 speakers from the cannabis industry.

    • Upcoming events:

      • Las Vegas, NV: November 2022

  • MJ Unpacked

    • MJ Unpacked is an exclusive business expo open only to cannabis retail and brand executives and investors. Featuring market leaders in the cannabis space, this is a great event for professionals in the industry.

    • Upcoming events:

      • Las Vegas, NV: September 2022

  • CannMed

    • Hosted by biotech company Medical Genomics, CannMed features the latest scientific advances and advancements in the field of cannabis.

    • Upcoming events:

      • Pasadena, CA: 2023 (date unannounced)

  • The Emerald Cup Awards

    • Located in California, the Emerald Cup Awards is a competition and awards show that celebrates the best-of-the-best from the cannabis industry.

    • Upcoming events:

      • Los Angeles, CA: 2023 (date unannounced)

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