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The Hospitality Industry Is Going Green: How Cannabis is Changing Tourism

man relaxing at a festival

Cannabis and Hospitality–The Business of Being a Guest

The hospitality industry is evolving, and so is the cannabis industry. Unsurprisingly, these two booming industries are putting a whole new spin on travel for business and leisure.

Many hotels and restaurants are eager to incorporate cannabis into fine dining experiences and excursions for travelers looking to enhance their itinerary. The wide array of opportunities that have evolved in cannabis-friendly tourism over the last few years is a testament to how quickly attitudes toward cannabis consumption have changed.

A Look at Cannabis Hospitality in the Past

It hasn't always been easy for canna lovers. The stigma associated with cannabis subcultures has cast an unfortunate shadow and made it difficult for people to partake openly.

In recent years some states have made recreational use legal. Colorado, Arizona, and Washington are attracting travelers seeking cannabis-friendly accommodations. This includes cannabis hotels, workshops, cooking classes, spa treatments, and more!

Benefits of Cannabis Hospitality

The legalization of cannabis also provides substantial tax revenue for local governments. Additionally, many reports have shown how legalized marijuana has boosted local business sales. The industry is projected to grow to $50.7 billion in annual sales by 2028.

Embracing Cannabis Culture

Hotels are just one of many hospitality industries to curate cannabis-inclusive atmospheres. From restaurants to music festivals, meditation retreats to museums, cannabis events are popping up nationwide, bringing tourists from all over to participate in 4/20-friendly activities.

Cities like Denver have led the charge in offering cannabis-infused dining experiences and cooking classes, leaving cannabis connoisseurs wanting more! Burgeoning markets like Las Vegas and Phoenix are creating even more exciting and memorable ways for canna enthusiasts to extend their stay and enhance their experience.

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