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Light Up the Night - PHOENIX, AZ

We’re going to let you in on a little-known secret: the nightlife scene in Phoenix, Arizona is on fire. If you’re looking for something extra, a bright spot in your basic weekend plans, look no further. Let us tell you what’s good, and what’s really good – from the best bars and restaurants to the hippest smoking lounges and music venues in Phoenix, all of which are a stone’s throw from our hotel lobby. Chances are you’re looking for somewhere fun the locals don’t want you to know about but are happy to have you once you’ve found your way. We’ve got you covered.

But first thing first: do we have everything we need, or should we stop and cop a pack of pre-rolls before we hit the town? Just in case…

Open daily from 8 AM to 8 PM, Sunday Goods is one of our favorite cannabis dispensaries in Phoenix. With first-timer deals like 30% off your entire order, student and faculty discounts, free pre-rolls, vapes, and more, it’s your stop-cop for all your canna needs. Think Apple store aesthetic with a tincture of Southwestern flare. Sleek subway tiles and funky cactus vibes. If that doesn’t get your canna juices flowing, maybe these next three words will: drive-thru service.

Now that we’ve got our green, let’s grab a drink. Phoenix has no shortage of fun, hip-watering holes. Here are a few of our favorite wine bars, breweries, smoking lounges, and cocktail scenes to shake up your nightlife.

  • CENTURY GRAND has been described as “Disneyland for cocktail lovers” by hip foodie blogs like EATER & Thrillist and for good reason: this Phoenix hot spot houses three cocktail bars, each with its own immersive theme. Platform 18 replicates the Presidential Pullman train car, complete with authentic background railway noises. Our fave is the dark and moody UnderTow, which recalls Pirates of the Caribbean x Trader Vic’s tiki lounge, with a cocktail program focused on rum-based beverages. (Pro tip: We suggest calling ahead to get a rez. It books up quickly.)

  • FAR AWAY WINE AND PROVISIONS: Longtime best pals and wine connoisseurs Pat Jasmin and Chris French opened this rock and roll wine bar that in the parlance of Spinal Tap,really goes to 11.” With 350 carefully curated bottles from around the globe (and a framed velvet Elvis on the wall) this wine-bar rocks for spirited dates or a wild night out with friends. Chances are, you’re going to have a blast no matter who you’re with.

  • HUSS BREWING UPTOWN TAP ROOM: The flagship Huss Taproom is conveniently located in the heart of uptown Phoenix and offers up a variety of our freshly crafted local beers, as well as an eclectic selection of small bar bites and tasty treats. A place you can bring ‘Ma. Come one and come all to this family-friendly brewery.

  • HIGH BALL: Upscale craft cocktails that are off the chain. High Ball’s undeniably cool menu says it all: “citrus forward and fresh af.” High Ball is fancy with a middle finger, drinks with personas both good and evil, and a menu existing in dualities – sweet and sour on steroids. Come dressed to impress and ready to drink. You’re gonna love this place.

  • THE VAN BUREN. This place rocks. The historic downtown monument is a fan favorite for amazing concerts. Legend has it the building was once a vintage auto dealership, luckily much of the original 1930s charm still exists in the details of the building’s 1800-seat theater. Most recently, TVB has hosted the likes of Billie Eilish, Death Cab for Cutie, and Dua Lipa. Check local listings and Ticketmaster x Livenation for details.

  • ELEVATIONS LOUNGE: We’d be remiss if we didn’t casually remind you (wink, wink) that the Elevations Lounge is in the heart of the hotel. Come say high! We’re open Monday - Sunday, and we’re just a few steps from the second-best place in town… your bed.

If you’re wiped from a day of fun in the sun and looking to hang out at The Clarendon, come up to the roof and take in the stars from our SkyDeck (open until 10 PM), overlooking the vast desert scape. Have fun. Do you. Make new friends… maybe even a little something more. It’s like the old saying goes, “What happens in Phoenix stays in Phoenix.” Please, party responsibly.

Then you can wake up and do it all again tomorrow. Give us a buzz if you need us. 602-252-7363.

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