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Discover: Black Vodka

Of all the famous pairings in the world, nothing suits a black-tie affair quite like a chic glass of black vodka.

Bold and stylish, black vodka isn’t nearly as well-known as its clear counterpart. In fact, the U.S. doesn’t totally recognize it as a vodka. According to U.S. law, vodka must be neutral and free of any distinct color. Now, whether black is a color or isn’t, is a different matter for a different day. Black vodka is doing her own thing and that’s badass.

Out of the few black vodka brands, one of the best is made in Germany. Blavod produces their signature violet-black liquor by infusing Black Catechu, a Southeast Asian herb, into premium triple distilled grain vodka. The result is a smooth, herbaceous finish that makes for a dramatic cocktail.

Enjoying Blavod If you’re tempted by the dark side, there are several Blavod cocktails to explore. Impress guests by making one of these at your next soiree (may we suggest a black-tie theme?):

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