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Company Spotlight: Rebel Rebel

At Elevations Nation, we are cultivating an inclusive community where people of all backgrounds feel empowered to live the life they crave. That’s why we are introducing a new series that spotlights companies across the country that provide safe spaces for people to gather.

In today’s spotlight, we are featuring Rebel Rebel. Based in Somerville Massachusetts, Rebel Rebel is a matter-of-fact wine bar that doesn’t pretend to be anything they aren’t, and they back up their words with real action. Owner Lauren Friel is dedicated to creating a space where people aren’t intimated by wine, where LGBTQ, BIPOC, and POC people feel safe, and where female-forward winemakers are celebrated.

Through their 5-step internal program, Rebel Rebel outlines their responsibilities as a white-owned business to fix the systemic oppression caused to BIPOC and POC. In 2019, they donated approximately 30% of their net income to organizations supporting abortion access. Moving forward, they will direct their donations to “organizations that benefit survivors of intimate partner violence and organizations that are led by and benefit queer BIPOC.”

Their “no bullshit” actions to transform how we work and live together bleeds into both their wine business and community. The 284 square feet is home to more than 70 different natural wine producers at a time because they “believe in the power of natural wine to bring us back to the foundations of our connection to farmers, to women, and to the planet.”

So, the next time you find yourself in Boston, head to Somerville's Bow Market where Rebel Rebel will greet you with a whole lotta wine and good vibes.

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